Building your schedule and signing up to courses

Course registration system:

Feel free to ask questions about your courses in the Facebook groups relevant to your study program. Example: the Facebook group for Business & Accounting students- class of 2021.

Such a groups is the perfect the perfect place to ask questions and get important updates.

Plus, Facebook groups for classes of 2020, 2019 etc., are also good place to receive tips and classnotes.

Same goes to your secondary major! We generally advise you to join three of such groups-

One for your class (ex.: 2021 graduates) and the two previous ones (ex.: classes of 2020 and 2019).


You are also welcome to ask qeustions in the designated Whatsapp groups that we opened.

Let’s start with the basics:

קורסי חובה- Mandatory courses.

One must take these courses. In rare cases, you are allowed to partcipate in such courses in a different

semester or year.


תרגול- Practice and revision- mainly paired to mandatory classes.

קורס בחירה- An elective course.

To help you choose what is best for you, here is an updated review of the selective courses

being offered.

Remember to always check your schedule for any conflicting courses or test date.

Test dates are available to view in the course catalog and inside the registation system itelf.

Keep in mind that highly demanded courses (mandatory and elective courses alike) may fill up quickly. Therefore, we advise you to be sure of your schedule choices prior to the official sign- up date.

But do not despair, there will be plenty of time to change your mind and schedule, just in case. Some courses, however, may be already full by that time.


Recommended websites, to help you build an accurate simulations of your schedule:




Afraid of leaving something behind? Just check out the current course catalogue.

BA students are also welcome follow the following link to find relevant numbers of staff and faculty.

The curriculum and study program for foreign students may vary from the general study program offered to local students. For this reason, we Advise you to consult the relevant staff members in your “home” university.

Good luck out there :) 

Some useful links

Facebook groups by class:

Business administration:

Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020


Class of 2017

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Additional Facebook link:

The Union's official Facebook page

Get help professional consulting and help:

Contact one of the secretaries

Ms. Yortal MIzrahi, secretary for student consulting -

Official webpage:

Business administration and accounting- Official school website

School staff

Hebrew University Alumni Association- Official website

Avney Pina"- "Corner Stone" Program"

Purposed to expand students' horizons and general knowledge, the program introduces students to unique courses, that are outside of their "classic" field of studies, according to the majors chosen by the students. Students are required to partake in a least two "Avney Pina" courses during their BA studies.

Avney Pina Official website

Avnei Pina- Designated consultation page

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